Every adventure begins with a single step. Which direction will you take yours in?

Focal Nomad is the mind of a 30-something wandering freelancer who is balancing the drive to grow up and get health insurance and settle down with a partner, and the need to take off on a spontaneous school bus trip to New Orleans saying "fuck rent, I need this adventure."
She's afraid to grow up, but growing forward as best as she can every day.

It's a blog pondering millennial dilemmas, the power of travel and coming of age growing pains.
This website will not hold back on rawness, realness and recapping from a fully-immersive experience. I am not a spectator, I am one of you; wallflowers, black sheep, hippies-not-yet-out-of-their-shell, on the brink of success and insanity, two steps forward and one step back, those who are saved by music, those who use poetry as a language, always looking, searching and finding and then loosing it all only to begin the search again...

I will not hold back. I will be as honest with you as I know how to be with myself. Every step is a new adventure. Every adventure is a new lesson. Let's go there together.


All photos on this site and words written are taken by me, Amanda Kari McHugh. You can see more of my photography at Manda K Photo and feel free to reach out via this site or that one if interested in having me shoot for you. Rates vary.

Photo above by Daniel Montuobro.