Photos taken and words written in May 2017. Yosemite National Park, CA.

Trying to remember
The tranquility of the
Dead pine crunching
Beneath my feet
As I pop an antacid
Trying to pretend like
I’ve got time to shelve
This shit.

I wanted to walk further
Away from another
Just stay on my own
Side of the path
Stay in my own lane
Stay in my own row
Of seats and let myself
Be unaffected.

I don’t really get jokes
These days, unless it’s
Clown-nose obvious.
I don’t want to be shown
All the ways in which I
Missed magic, confronted
With all the ways in which
I’m half-alive.

Click. Click. Click-click.
I’m here, I’m watching
The light move from
Blue to golden and I’m
Feeling a rare sense of pride.
I woke up to a bird chirping
And my body was right
On time.

Pinecones in my pockets.
Thousands of images on
Discs. One page, one word,
One step at a time. Progress,
Not perfection, they say. The
Light creeped along El Capitan
I caught it, and I didn’t just
Stand there, when it burst
Through the trees.

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