It won’t mean anything by the time we’ve
pulled ourselves out of this hole but
for the time being I ask that you come into my mind
so I can see your smile when it’s dark and
I can remember that one day your body will
Be another’s and I can remember that this will not
last forever and I can experience what
A bit of innocent self-obstruction feels like because
I’m not destroying myself by allowing you
into my experience but I am, whole-heartedly,
not feeling some things I don’t want to feel quite yet.
You are safe, and in the safety of your smile and your
Predictable charismatic flamboyant charm
I am wrapped up in the comfort of knowing that
I shall continue on in my journey with you as my
reprise and nothing more. Your warmth to hopefully
return to when I come back from each trip
I hope it’s there when I come back, like home,
but I know that it isn’t a house that I own.
So if it isn’t, I will be cold for a night or three,
But I will move on, I will survive, I will keep
loving and over time, I will maybe love you, too
For now I’m graciously liking your presence,
your cheek bones, your affinity for being shirtless,
your terrible humor and I promise I am
Not falling in love with you.
I promise you as hard as I promised myself
Because ours was a like built for a lifetime
which means that this…. Passion
is only for this summer. This connection
will burn down by fall and evaporate
by next years resolutions and we
Will look back on this time and just gently
Smile. Because it warranted nothing more,
nor less, than that.

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